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The best for your pets

In this fast moving life it is difficult to carry and take our loving fur babies to all the occasions. Specially with the culture around us not every places are welcomed to these babies. Therefore; we at FurSpace provide the home boarding facility to your dog so you can travel worry free wherever and whenever you want.
During the boarding your dog will be provided full attention so they don't feel bored sitting idle. Since its a cage free environment, they have the full control to play and run around. The boarding will be for a period of 24 hours from the time you leave your pet at FurSpace. Your pet will be accompanied by a variety of toys and play so they will be engaged during the whole session. This will help distract them from getting your thoughts. Besides the play, they will get tummy-filling delicious homemade food at their usual frequency. We also understand the worry any pet owner would have post leaving their pet for boarding/daycare, to ensure a worry-free boarding we send frequent pictures and 5 videos in a day to the owners.
If you have any plan to leave your pet for a boarding? Click on Call us button to book your appointment.

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