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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know!


My pet has a special diet. Can their needs be accommodated?

Yes, we are very much open towards the love and care provided to the pet. Therefore; we can accommodate every special diet which your pet follows. You can also bring the food for your pet's convenience.

What do you supply for overnight boarding?

For all our pets we provide a freshly prepared homemade hygienic food in both Veg and Non-Veg variety. Along with this we also provide them with frequent treats to keep them engaged and happy during the whole stay.

How can I check on my pet during their stay?

We understand that you will have the same worry that you get while leaving your kid at your friend's place. To ensure you enjoy your time worry-free, we will be sending you frequent pictures and 5 videos of your pet.

What other activities are included apart from Dog boarding?

We have other activities too like dog play time and dog walking which will keep your pet engaged.

Are the host's pet fully vaccinated?

Yes, our pets are fully vaccinated and we accept the vaccinated pets only.

What if my dog is not comfortable at FurSpace?

It is very unlikely that your dog doesn't feel comfortable at FurSpace however, you always have the liberty to spend some time (maybe an hour) at FurSpace to see how your pet is interacting.

How do you ensure sanitization at home boarding?

We use only the natural and herbal cleaning product which is pet friendly in nature. Also, we mop the boarding area multiple times in a day to ensure maximum safety and hygiene.

What happens when something happens to the pet during the stay? Is there a vet on call available?

Yes, we are located within 3km range from the best Vet hospital which is open 24/7. If anything unfortunate happens, we will take your pet directly to the vet keeping you also posted about the situation.

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